A spur gear ofteeth is machined in a gear hobbing machine using a double start hob cutter. The speed ratio between the hob and the blank is
  • a) 1:20
  • b) 1:40
  • c) 40:1
  • d) 20:1
A helical gear has the active face width equal to b pitch p and helix angle α. What should be the minimum value of b in order that contact is maintained across the entire active face of the gear?
  • a) p cosα
  • b) p secα
  • c) p tanα
  • d) p cotα
Match the type of gears with their most appropriate description.
  • a) P-2, Q- 4, R- 1, S- 6
  • b) P-1, Q- 4, R- 5, S- 6
  • c) P-2, Q- 6, R- 4, S- 2
  • d) P-6, Q- 3, R- 1, S- 5
Tooth interference in an external in volute spur gear pair can be reduced by
  • a) Decreasing center distance between gear pair
  • b) Decreasing module
  • c) Decreasing pressure angle
  • d) Increasing number of gear teeth
Interference in a pair of gears is avoided, if the addendum circles of both the gears intersect common tangent to the base circles within the points of tangency.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Twenty degree full depth involute profiled 19-tooth pinion and 37-tooth gear are in mesh. If the module is 5 mm, the centre distance between the gear pair will be
  • a) 140 mm
  • b) 150 mm
  • c) 280 mm
  • d) 300 mm
If the drive efficiency is 80%, then torque required on the input shaft to createN output thrust is
  • a) 20 Nm
  • b) 25 Nm
  • c) 32 Nm
  • d) 50 Nm
If the pressure angle of the rack is 20°, then force acting along the line of action between the rack and the gear teeth is
  • a) 250 N
  • b) 342 N
  • c) 532 N
  • d) 600 N
Two mating spur gears haveandteeth respectively. The pinion rotates atrpm and transmits a torque ofNm. The torque transmitted by the gear is
  • a) 6.6 Nm
  • b) 20 Nm
  • c) 40 Nm
  • d) 60Nm
The velocity ratio between pinion and gear in a gear drive is 2.the module of teeth is 2.0 mm and sum of number of teeth on pinion and gear isWhat is the centre distance between pinion and the gear?
  • a) 49.5 mm
  • b) 99 mm
  • c) 148.5 mm
  • d) 198 mm
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