Which type of cutting parameters are there in shaper?
  • a) feed
  • b) depth of cut
  • c) machining time
  • d) all of the mentioned
The cutting action in shaper is intermittent.
  • a) true
  • b) false
In shaper, cutting speed is expressed only in ______ stroke.
  • a) forward
  • b) return
  • c) both forward and return
  • d) none of the mentioned
What is the unit of cutting speed?
  • a) meter/minute
  • b) meter2 /minute
  • c) meter
  • d) none of the mentioned
Calculation of cutting speed is quite difficult in shaper compare to others.
  • a) true
  • b) false
Cutting speed= (length of the cutting stroke) / (time required by the cutting stroke).
  • a) true
  • b) false
If n=number of strokes of the ram per minute or rpm of the bull wheel, l=length of the cutting stroke in mm, m= the ratio between return time to cutting time, then find the formula for cutting stroke.
  • a) n*l*m / 100
  • b) n*l*(m+1) / 100
  • c) (l*m) / (n*100)
  • d) none of the mentioned
Feed is always given when the tool is cutting the metal.
  • a) true
  • b) false
The feed is always given at the ______ of the return stroke.
  • a) starting
  • b) end
  • c) both at the starting and at the end
  • d) none of the mentioned
Feed is expressed in _______
  • a) mm
  • b) mm/minute
  • c) minute
  • d) none of the mentioned
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