In terms of which of the following properties, metals are better than ceramics?
  • a) Hardness
  • b) Ductility
  • c) Toughness
  • d) Yield Strength
Steels mainly contain iron and carbon. Under which of the following categories do they belong?
  • a) Metallic Solid
  • b) Polymer
  • c) Composites
  • d) Ceramics
GFRP is an important composite. It stands for
  • a) Gelatin Fibre Reinforced Polymer
  • b) Graphite Fibre Reinforced Polymer
  • c) Germanium Fibre Reinforced Polymer
  • d) Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer
Ceramics make excellent refractory materials. A material is said to be refractory if it:
  • a) resists the flow of electric current
  • b) has high refractive index
  • c) retains its strength at high temperatures
  • d) all of the mentioned
Which of the following cannot be used as bio-materials?
  • a) Metals
  • b) Ceramics
  • c) Polymers
  • d) None of the mentioned
Which of the following is true for polymers?
  • a) They have very high molecular mass
  • b) They do not have a linear stress-strain curve
  • c) They have high strength to mass ratio
  • d) All of the mentioned
Various isotopes of a given element have same:
  • a) Number of protons
  • b) Number of neutrons
  • c) Molar mass
  • d) Thermodynamic stability
Calcium is an isobar of Argon. They differ in:
  • a) Atomic weight
  • b) Number of nucleons
  • c) Number of neutrons
  • d) None of the mentioned
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