Which of the following command can be used for DOS commands?
  • a) msdos
  • b) dos
  • c) ds
  • d) not possible in MATLAB
The input to the unix command should be within _________
  • a) ()
  • b) {}
  • c) []
  • d) Is not available in MATLAB
If the command, given as an input to the system command, gets executed, MATLAB returns a _________
  • a) 0
  • b) 1
  • c) True
  • d) False
What is the output of the following code? system(date)
  • a) It shows the date but MATLAB returns 1
  • b) It doesn’t show the date and MATLAB returns 0
  • c) It doesn’t show the date but MATLAB returns 1
  • d) It shows the date but MATLAB returns 0
The input to the system command is not necessarily given within ‘’.
  • a) True
  • b) False
All system commands take input within parentheses.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Windows Registry can be accessed by ___________
  • a) winqueryreg
  • b) winreg
  • c) windowsregistry
  • d) not possible
How can we check the history of commands used?
  • a) By only clicking the up direction button
  • b) Using the commandhist command
  • c) Using the commandhistory command
  • d) Using the cmdhstry command
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