Hooke’s law is obeyed till _____________ in stress-strain curve.
  • a) propositional limit point
  • b) yield point
  • c) tensile Strength Point
  • d) failure point
How many unknowns are required to establish the state of stress at any given point in 3-dimension?
  • a) 3
  • b) 6
  • c) 9
  • d) 12
Plane stress is defined as ________
  • a) stress in one principal direction is 0
  • b) stresses in two principal directions are 0
  • c) strain in one principal direction is 0
  • d) strain in two principal directions are 0
Which of the following statement is NOT correct?
  • a) The sum of the normal stresses on two perpendicular planes is an invariant quantity
  • b) The maximum and minimum values of normal stresses on an oblique plane at point P occurs when the shear stress is zero
  • c) The maximum and minimum values of the normal stress and the shear stress occurs at an angle 90 degree from each other
  • d) The variation of shear stress and normal stress occurs is in the form of a sine wave with a period equal to 90 degrees
A wedge shape body is under stress with principal stresses being σx=25MPa and σy=20MPa. At a certain angle β, the components of stresses are resolved into σ1 & σwhere both σ1 & σ2 are normal to each other. If the value of σ1=18MPa, find the value of σ2?
  • a) 25MPa
  • b) 20MPa
  • c) 27MPa
  • d) 18MPa
Find the value of shear stress acting on the body, if the principal normal stresses are 70MPa andMPa. The angle of inclination isdegrees?
  • a) 17.32 MPa
  • b) 2.88 MPa
  • c) 10 MPa
  • d) 15 MPa
Transformation of stress along the anticlockwise direction is given by the equation:
  • a) 4Y
  • b) 5Y
  • c) 8Y
  • d) 10Y
True stress-strain curve always lies above the engineering stress-strain curve.
  • a) True
  • b) False
Bar with cross-sectional area of 0.05m2 is subjected to load of 2000kg, find the stress on the bar in terms of MPa?
  • a) 392000
  • b) 40000
  • c) 0.040
  • d) 0.392
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