The young modulus of the material is decided by the __________
  • a) the shape of the specimen
  • b) size of the sample
  • c) binding force between the atoms in the sample
  • d) it does not depend on one factor
The limit of elastic strain is 0.of the material having young’s modulusMPa. Find the resilience of the material?
  • a) 106
  • b) 10
  • c) 2*106
  • d) 4*106
The Resilience is not equal to ____________
  • a) 1/2*σ*e
  • b) 1/2*σ2/e
  • c) 1/2*σ2/E
  • d) 1/2*E*e2
The necessary property for the structural material is _________
  • a) high resilience
  • b) high toughness
  • c) low ductility
  • d) low stiffness
Which of the following has the highest toughness?
  • a) High-carbon spring steel
  • b) Medium carbon spring steel
  • c) Stainless steel
  • d) Cast iron
The initial cross-sectional area of a rod ism2 is reduced tom2 at the breaking point. Calculate the true fracture strain of the material?
  • a) 2
  • b) 5.02
  • c) 1.6
  • d) 0.5
The total reduction in the area of the specimen is 0.Find the true fracture strain of the material?
  • a) 1
  • b) 0.69
  • c) 1.33
  • d) 2
The true local necking strain is defined as __________
  • a) strain up to the failure point
  • b) strain required up to maximum tensile strength point
  • c) strain from tensile strength point to the failure point
  • d) strain up to yield point
The rate of strain hardening and strain hardening exponents in the flow curve is always the same.
  • a) True
  • b) False
It is possible to have actual strain values more than one for some components and systems.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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