What does hff stands for in the equation hff = h+x+x2?
  • a) Frequency of layer
  • b) Diameter of curve
  • c) Effective guide layer thickness
  • d) Space propagation
Optical fibre communications uses _______ dielectric waveguide structures for confining light.
  • a) Rectangular
  • b) Circular
  • c) Triangular
  • d) Planar
__________ waveguide is formed when the film is sandwiched by layers of different refractive index.
  • a) Planar
  • b) Circular
  • c) Asymmetric
  • d) Symmetric
When the dimensions of the guide are reduced, the number of ___________ also decreases.
  • a) Propagating nodes
  • b) Electrons
  • c) Holes
  • d) Volume of photons
___________ waveguides are plagued by high losses.
  • a) Circular
  • b) Planar
  • c) Depleted
  • d) Metal-clad
The planar waveguides may be fabricated from glasses and other isotropic materials such as ___________ and ______________
  • a) Octane and polymers
  • b) Carbon monoxide and diode
  • c) Fluorides and carbonates
  • d) Sulphur dioxide and polymers
Which of the following devices are less widely used in the field of optical fibre communications?
  • a) Acousto-optic devices
  • b) Regenerators
  • c) Reflectors
  • d) Optical translators
Which of the following materials have refractive index near two?
  • a) GA As
  • b) Zinc
  • c) InP
  • d) AlSb
Passive devices are fabricated by __________ technique.
  • a) Fassbinder
  • b) High density integration
  • c) Radio-frequency sputtering
  • d) Lithium implantation
Strip pattern in waveguide structures is obtained through ____________
  • a) Lithography
  • b) Cryptography
  • c) Depletion of holes
  • d) Implantation
Propagation losses in slab and strip waveguides are smaller than the single mode fibre losses.
  • a) True
  • b) False
A passive Y-junction beam splitter is fabricated from __________
  • a) GaAs
  • b) ZnS
  • c) AlbS
  • d) LiNbO3
A passive Y-junction beam splitter is also used as a switch.
  • a) True
  • b) False
The linear variation of refractive index with the electric field is known as the ________
  • a) Linear implantation
  • b) Ionization
  • c) Koppel effect
  • d) Pockels effect
Planar waveguides are used to produce _______ coupler.
  • a) MMI
  • b) CMI
  • c) Frequency
  • d) Differential
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