Which of the following are the example of Municipal and industrial discharge pipes?
  • a) nonpoint sources of pollution
  • b) violations of the Clean Water Act
  • c) point sources of pollution
  • d) irrigation
The presence of high coliform counts in water indicate _________
  • a) contamination by human wastes
  • b) phosphorus contamination
  • c) decreased biological oxygen demand
  • d) hydrocarbon contamination
How the biological oxygen demand gets affected with the increased presence of organic matter in water?
  • a) the oxygen demand increases
  • b) the oxygen demand decreases
  • c) the oxygen demand remains unchanged
  • d) none of the mentioned
Which of the following is a major source of groundwater contamination?
  • a) agricultural products
  • b) landfills
  • c) septic tanks
  • d) all of the mentioned
Which of the following is considered as part of water use planning?
  • a) waste water treatment
  • b) water diversion projects
  • c) storm sewer drainage
  • d) all of the mentioned
The stage in which the biological processes are used to purify water in a wastewater treatment plants is called?
  • a) secondary sewage treatment
  • b) primary sewage treatment
  • c) wastewater reduction
  • d) biochemical reduction
Groundwater mining in coastal areas can result into _________
  • a) increase in the salinity of groundwater
  • b) decrease in the toxicity of groundwater
  • c) decrease in the salinity of groundwater
  • d) increase in the water table
Which of the following is not an important characteristic of the Green Revolution?
  • a) mechanized agriculture
  • b) hybrid seeds
  • c) slash and burn
  • d) monoculture
The three primary soil macronutrients are _________
  • a) carbon, oxygen and water
  • b) copper, cadmium and carbon
  • c) potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen
  • d) boron, zinc and manganese
Which of the following are negative effects on the soil and water due to conventional, mechanized farming practices?
  • a) soil compaction
  • b) reduction in soil organic matter
  • c) soil erosion
  • d) all of the mentioned
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