Which one of the following is the basic assumption involved in designing of prestressed concrete members?
  • a) Plane member remains plane before and after bending
  • b) Variation of stresses in tensile reinforcement
  • c) Development of principle stresses
  • d) Hooke’s law is not valid for prestressing
The compression in concrete and tension in steel are developed by?
  • a) Joint cements
  • b) Expansion cements
  • c) Water cement ratio
  • d) Hardened cements
The distortion principle of statically indeterminate structures is subjected by ___________
  • a) Rotation
  • b) Distance
  • c) Placement
  • d) Absorption
The prestressing used for arches and pavements involves the application of ___________
  • a) Direct forces
  • b) Compressive forces
  • c) Tensile forces
  • d) Axial forces
The classification of prestressed concrete is based on the method of ___________
  • a) Designing
  • b) Bending moments
  • c) Loading
  • d) Stresses acting
The concrete members which are prestressed by providing the tensioned tendons are termed as ___________
  • a) Externally prestressed members
  • b) Internally prestressed members
  • c) Linear prestressed members
  • d) Circular prestressed members
The linear prestressing is mostly applicable for ___________
  • a) Bent members
  • b) Straight members
  • c) Cracked members
  • d) Overloaded members
In pre-tensioning system, after curing and hardening of concrete the reinforcement is set ___________
  • a) Free
  • b) Fixed
  • c) Locked
  • d) Jacked
The method of prestressing the concrete after it attains its strength is known as ___________
  • a) Pre tensioning
  • b) Post tensioning
  • c) Chemical prestressing
  • d) Axial prestressing
In which method the prestress is developed due to the bond between the concrete and steel?
  • a) Pre tensioning
  • b) Post tensioning
  • c) Thermo electric prestressing
  • d) Prefix beam prestressing
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