The philosophy of design is termed as ______________
  • a) Limit state approach
  • b) Limit area method
  • c) Limit design approach
  • d) Limit elasticity approach
The structural concrete members if not designed to have adequate stiffness, it affects ____________
  • a) Serviceability
  • b) Local conditions
  • c) Aggregates
  • d) Cement
The large deflections under dynamic effects may cause ____________
  • a) Likely appearance to users
  • b) Discomfort to users
  • c) High bending
  • d) Requires more construction materials
The excessive deflections are likely to cause damage to ____________
  • a) Partitions
  • b) Footing
  • c) Column
  • d) Beam
Which of the following influence the deflections of prestressed concrete members?
  • a) Cable profile
  • b) Wall profile
  • c) Type of aggregates
  • d) Type of cement
Which type of deflections is solved by Mohr’s theorem?
  • a) Instantaneous
  • b) Long
  • c) Middle span
  • d) End span
In the pre cracking stage, the deflections are computed by ____________
  • a) Prestressing force
  • b) Sectional area
  • c) Diameter
  • d) Second moment of area
In a post cracking stage, a prestressed concrete beam behaves in a manner similar to ____________
  • a) Reinforced concrete beam
  • b) Flexural beam
  • c) High strength of concrete
  • d) Soffit beam
The computations in post cracking stage are by considering ____________
  • a) Moment of inertia
  • b) Moment curvature
  • c) Moment design
  • d) Moment area
In both pre and post cracking stages the effect of creep and shrinkage of concrete is to increase the ____________
  • a) Short term deflections
  • b) Middle span deflections
  • c) Long span deflections
  • d) Edge span deflections
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