The prestressed concrete poles are currently used in __________
  • a) Mass
  • b) Heat
  • c) Current
  • d) Wave
The appearance of prestressed concrete poles is __________
  • a) Rusty
  • b) Greesy
  • c) Clean
  • d) Black
The maximum moment of resistance in a pole is generally required at __________
  • a) Base
  • b) Corner
  • c) Edge
  • d) Middle
The prestressed concrete poles for power transmission lines are generally designed as members with __________
  • a) Partial pressure
  • b) Chemical prestress
  • c) Uniform prestress
  • d) Total prestress
In the case of tapered poles with a reduced cross section the effective prestressing force should be __________
  • a) Increased
  • b) Decreased
  • c) Bended
  • d) Equal
The main advantage of prestressed concrete piles over traditional reinforced and concrete steel piles is __________
  • a) Moment carrying capacity
  • b) Beam carrying capacity
  • c) Column carrying capacity
  • d) Foundation carrying capacity
Prestressed concrete piles have been used as which type of piles in sands?
  • a) Rotation
  • b) Friction
  • c) Twisting
  • d) Torsion
The rebound tensile stresses in pile reinforcements are resisted by the __________
  • a) Effective prestress
  • b) Non effective prestress
  • c) Absolute prestress
  • d) Normal prestressing force
Pile shoes are required for driving through __________
  • a) Hard materials
  • b) Plastic materials
  • c) Soft materials
  • d) Tensile materials
Prestressed concrete sheet piles are ideally suited for the construction of __________
  • a) Air frond bulkheads
  • b) Water frond bulkheads
  • c) Half brick walls
  • d) Full brick walls
The prominent prestressed sleepers which have been adopted by railways of various countries is?
  • a) Single block sleepers
  • b) Gauge sleepers
  • c) Two block sleepers
  • d) Friction sleepers
The prestressed concrete biological shields are used for __________
  • a) Containment vessels
  • b) Pressure vessels
  • c) Rolled vessels
  • d) Tension vessels
Which type of prestressing is used in prestressed concrete pavements?
  • a) Expansion
  • b) Longitudinal
  • c) Transverse
  • d) Contraction
The longitudinal prestressing of the slabs is achieved by __________
  • a) Internal prestressing
  • b) External prestressing
  • c) Tensile stress
  • d) Principle stresses
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