What is the pressure side of a refrigerating system in which condenser is used?
  • a) Low pressure
  • b) Zero pressure
  • c) Negative pressure
  • d) High pressure
What is the optimum temperature difference in Celsius for the operation of most air-cooled condensers and designed based on this difference?
  • a) 10
  • b) 14
  • c) 20
  • d) 28
What of the following uses natural convection air-cooled condensers?
  • a) Domestic refrigerators
  • b) High capacity room air conditioners
  • c) High capacity water coolers
  • d) Industrial air conditioners
Which of the following is true about shell and coil condensers?
  • a) water flows in the shell and refrigerant in the coil
  • b) refrigerant flows in the shell and water in the coil
  • c) water and refrigerant flow in the coil
  • d) water and refrigerant flow in the shell
What is the material of tubes used for shell and tube condenser in ammonia refrigeration system?
  • a) Aluminum
  • b) Brass
  • c) Steel
  • d) Copper
What is the condensing medium used in evaporative condensers?
  • a) air only
  • b) water only
  • c) ammonia
  • d) air and water
What is the value of Heat Rejection Factor if the C.O.P. 4.28?
  • a) 5.28
  • b) -3.28
  • c) 1.233
  • d) 0.766
What is the value of HRF if Work iskW and refrigeration capacity iskW?
  • a) 1.25
  • b) 0.25
  • c) 0.75
  • d) 1
Air-cooled condensers operate on lower condensing temperatures than water-cooled condensers.
  • a) False
  • b) True
The HRF for R –with condensing temperature and evaporator temperature as 40°C and 5°C respectively is 1.5.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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