What is the role of Energy-separating agent (ESA)?
  • a) Involves heat transfer
  • b) Involves mass transfer
  • c) Acts as an agitator
  • d) Is a catalyst
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantages of using a mass-separating agent (MSA) ?
  • a) Need for additional separator to remove MSA
  • b) Possible MSA contamination
  • c) Difficult design procedures
  • d) Need for large quantities of MSA
Which separation process is used when the volatility differences is too small between the species?
  • a) Flash vaporization
  • b) Stripping
  • c) Extractive distillation
  • d) Liquid-Liquid extraction
What is added when it is difficult to condense vapors leaving the distillation column at top?
  • a) Adsorbent
  • b) Absorbent
  • c) Agitator
  • d) ESA
Which separation technique shall be used to remove ethane and lower molecular weight hydrocarbons for LPG production?
  • a) Flash vaporization
  • b) Distillation
  • c) Reboiled absorption
  • d) Stripping
Which separation technique shall be employed to separate acetone and methanol?
  • a) Extractive distillation
  • b) Stripping
  • c) Liquid-Liquid extraction
  • d) Evaporation
In azeotropic distillation, why is an entrainer added?
  • a) To increase the boiling point of the mixture
  • b) To decrease the boiling point of the mixture
  • c) To form a minimum boiling point azeotrope
  • d) To form two immiscible phases
When is the liquid-liquid extraction preferred over distillation?
  • a) When the distillation apparatus is not available
  • b) Distillation apparatus is costly
  • c) When there too very high difference in the boiling points.
  • d) When the liquid mixture is temperature sensitive
Which of the following solvents can be added during separation of Isopropyl alcohol and water?
  • a) Methanol
  • b) Ethanol
  • c) Benzene
  • d) Alcoholic KOH
How is sulphur separated from its impurities?
  • a) Desublimation
  • b) Sublimation
  • c) Crystallization
  • d) Drying
Where is the technique of leaching used?
  • a) Research laboratories
  • b) Soap industry
  • c) Pharmaceutical industry
  • d) Metallurgical industry
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