Amplifiers, motors, filters etc. are examples for which type of system?
  • a) Distributed parameter systems
  • b) Unstable systems
  • c) Discrete time systems
  • d) Continuous time systems
Which among the following systems are described by partial differential functions?
  • a) Causal Systems and Dynamic systems
  • b) Distributed parameter systems and linear systems
  • c) Distributed parameter systems and Dynamic systems
  • d) Causal systems and linear systems
Which one of the following systems is causal?
  • a) y(t)=x(t)+x(t-3)+x(t2)
  • b) y(n)=x(n+2)
  • c) y(t)=x(t-1)+x(t-2)
  • d) y(n)=x(2n2)
Which one of the following is an example of a bounded signal?
  • a) et coswt
  • b) et sinw(-t)
  • c) e-t coswt
  • d) et cosw(-t)
A system produces zero output for one input and same gives the same output for several other inputs. What is the system called?
  • a) Non – invertible System
  • b) Invertible system
  • c) Non – causal system
  • d) Causal system
Which among the following is a LTI system?
  • a) dy(t)/dt+ty(t)=x(t)
  • b) y(t)=x(t)cosπt
  • c) y(n)=x(n)+nx(n-1)
  • d) y(n)=x3 (n+1)
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