What are the starting materials for crystallization?
  • a) Gas, aqueous solution, foam
  • b) Liquid, aqueous solution, emulsion
  • c) Solid, gas, melt, solid aerosol
  • d) Aqueous solution, melt, glass or gel
What is the range of temperature for the crystallization process in ◦C?
  • a) 1000-1500
  • b) 2000-3000
  • c) 25-100
  • d) 0-25
What are molecular sieve zeolites?
  • a) Aluminosilicate framework structures
  • b) Aromatic hydrocarbons
  • c) Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • d) Silicate structures
What are the starting materials for zeolite synthesis?
  • a) Aqueous solution of silicate and aluminate cations
  • b) Aqueous solution of silicate and aluminate anions
  • c) Powdered silicon and aluminium metal
  • d) Non-nano silicon and aluminium metal
Crystallization of melts is very similar to crystallization of solutions, what is the factor that differentiates the crystallization of melt and solutions?
  • a) Size of the particles
  • b) Environmental factors
  • c) Temperature
  • d) Entropy
Crystallization of melts is a valuable method for which of the following number of crystals?
  • a) Single
  • b) Double
  • c) Triple
  • d) Polycrystals(more than 3)
Lithium disilicate Li2Si2Ocan be called which of the following materials?
  • a) Glass-ceramic
  • b) Metal-organic
  • c) Melts
  • d) Metal-inorganic
What is the transition temperature region required during the preparation of glass-ceramic material, lithium disilicate in oC?
  • a) -25 to 0
  • b) 0 to 25
  • c) 25 100
  • d) 300 to 500
Which of the following is the type of reaction for the formation of gaseous PtO2 at 1200oC or higher?
  • a) Exothermic reaction
  • b) Endothermic reaction
  • c) Both exothermic and endothermic reaction
  • d) Neither exothermic nor endothermic reaction
Which method is used for the purification of certain metals which uses metal and iodine to form a gaseous iodide?
  • a) Van Arkel method
  • b) Zone refining
  • c) Electrolysis
  • d) Distillation
An elegant variation of Van Arkel purification method is to transport two substances in__________
  • a) Same direction along the temperature gradient
  • b) Opposite direction along the temperature gradient
  • c) Same direction along the concentration gradient
  • d) Opposite direction along the concentration gradient
During the preparation of Ca2SnOCao and SnO2 react slowly according to the equation
  • a) Speeded up
  • b) Slowed down
  • c) Affected but speed remains the same
  • d) Unaffected
During the preparation of aluminium sulphide, Al2S3 what is the reaction rate at which aluminium and sulphur react together at 800oC?
  • a) React very slowly
  • b) React rapidly
  • c) Reacts and reaches equilibrium
  • d) Doesn’t react
What will be the product formation when Metallic niobium and silica, SiO2 are heated under vacuum at 1100oC?
  • a) Nb5Si3
  • b) Nb3Si5
  • c) Nb2Si3
  • d) No product
What is the appropriate relation between the reactions of gases and solids?
  • a) Gases react slower than the solids
  • b) Gases react faster than the solids
  • c) Gases do not react at all while solids react faster
  • d) Both gases and solid reacts at a same rate
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