This turbine receives steam at high pressure oftopsi and discharges it at pressure suitable for supplying to existing low pressure plant. Identify the turbine?
  • a) Topping Turbine
  • b) Back-Pressure Turbine
  • c) Condensing Turbine
  • d) Extraction Turbine
Arjun underwent industrial training in his 2nd year at National Thermal Power Plant. But he was surprised to know that a special turbine is used to meet the electrical energy requirement in the plant itself. Can you identify which turbine did he observe?
  • a) High Pressure Condensing Turbine
  • b) House Turbine
  • c) Gas Turbine
  • d) Mixed Pressure Turbine
Tanuj and Shyam have a strong discussion over the advantages of Induction-Extraction turbine.
  • a) Tanuj
  • b) Shyam
  • c) Tanuj & Shyam
  • d) None of the mentioned
Where in industries do we find back-pressure turbines?
  • a) At a point in industry where waste steam has to be employed
  • b) When pressure needs to be applied at rear end
  • c) When one turbine bolster other
  • d) There is a requirement of process steam at single pressure
This turbine is an ingenious method for accomplishing multi velocity staging in a single wheel. Name this turbine?
  • a) Tangential Turbine
  • b) Single Stage Impulse Turbine
  • c) Multi Stage Impulse Turbine
  • d) None of the mentioned
A marine officer asks you to design a turbine for marine propulsion. Which of the below would be your best choice?
  • a) Mixed pressure turbine
  • b) Condensing high pressure regenerative turbine
  • c) Gas Turbine
  • d) Tandem-Compound double flow turbine
A multipass turbine is a prime mover.
  • a) True
  • b) False
In Europe special types of turbines are used that do not have fixed blades so that pressure drop are necessary in all blade passages. Which turbine is it?
  • a) Tangential Turbine
  • b) Axial Flow Turbine
  • c) Radial Turbine
  • d) None of the mentioned above
You own an industry in which the boiler generates a lot of waste steam which you think could be utilized. Which turbine will you utilize?
  • a) Mixed Pressure Turbine
  • b) Back Pressure Turbine
  • c) Twin-Shaft Gas Turbine
  • d) Induction-Extraction Turbine
Mac doubts that why do we use House Turbine in National Thermal Power Plants. Can you clear his doubts?
  • a) The exhaust steam or extraction steam is used for feedwater heating or to supply steam for small turbines serving as auxiliary drives
  • b) Have huge capacity sufficient enough to run the plant
  • c) Have minimum losses
  • d) They can be vertical compounded
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