Almanac contains information about __________
  • a) Status of the signals
  • b) Status of the reflection
  • c) Status of the satellites
  • d) Status of the aperture
Trilateration is a plane surveying method.
  • a) False
  • b) True
In pseudo ranging, travel time is measured by ___________
  • a) PRN code
  • b) Noise code
  • c) SPS
  • d) GPS
Satellite to user range can be calculated by using which of the following methods?
  • a) Relative positioning
  • b) Absolute positioning
  • c) Carrier wave
  • d) Pseudo ranging
For obtaining relative time of transmission and reception of signals, it is required to calculate clock offset.
  • a) False
  • b) True
GPS can also be known as __________
  • a) GOS
  • b) Arc GIS
  • c) GIS
  • d) NavStar
Determine the distance between satellite and user if the time difference can be calculated as 3 min.
  • a) 54*1019 m
  • b) 45*102 m
  • c) 54*109 m
  • d) 45*109 m
In order to determine the satellite to user range, which of the following is exceptionally required?
  • a) Time difference of polarized signals
  • b) Time difference of signals
  • c) Time difference of refracted signals
  • d) Time difference of reflected signals
Accuracy of the position through can be influenced by ____________
  • a) Refraction
  • b) Reflection
  • c) Signal strength
  • d) Position of satellite
Error in altitude will be twice the horizontal error.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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