Find the perpendicular distance if the radius of the curve is given as 10.and the angle as θ = 10˚24ꞌ.
  • a) 0.042m
  • b) 0.402m
  • c) 0.204m
  • d) 0.024m
The bisection of chords method involves more accuracy.
  • a) False
  • b) True
Set a perpendicular offset for A and B using the radius and the angle given. R = 34.and θ = 14˚76ꞌ.
  • a) 2.08m
  • b) 0.82m
  • c) 0.28m
  • d) 8.02m
Which of the following represents the replication of versine?
  • a) 1-cos θ
  • b) 1-cosec θ
  • c) 1-cot θ
  • d) 1-sin θ
Perpendicular offsets can be set out after__________
  • a) Resection
  • b) Intersection
  • c) Trisection
  • d) Bisection
Which of the following describes the advantage of bisection of chords method?
  • a) Setting out more chords
  • b) Setting out more parallels
  • c) Setting out more points
  • d) Setting out more perpendiculars
Find the perpendicular offset using successive bisection of chords, with radius 34.and length 12.m.
  • a) 0.75m
  • b) 0.57m
  • c) 5.07m
  • d) 7.05m
The successive bisection of chords comes under which of the following category?
  • a) Transition curve
  • b) Reverse curve
  • c) Compound curve
  • d) Simple curve
Perpendicular chords can be obtained by using the successive bisection method.
  • a) True
  • b) False
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