What was the first permanent detector used?
  • a) Inductive loop
  • b) Pressure plate
  • c) Magnetic detector
  • d) Magnetometer
What is the principle used by the inductive loop?
  • a) Induction
  • b) Electromagnetic field
  • c) Doppler effect
  • d) Scattering
What is the standard loop detector size?
  • a) 12ft X 12ft
  • b) 10ft X 10ft
  • c) 6ft X 6ft
  • d) 5ft X 5ft
Inductive loop directly measures ________
  • a) Speed of vehicles
  • b) Delay time
  • c) Passage and presence of vehicles
  • d) Travel time from one location to another
What are the two types of magnetic detector?
  • a) Magnetometer and magnetic sensor
  • b) Speed detector and magnetic sensor
  • c) Magnetometer and speed detector
  • d) Density detector and speed detector
Which magnetic detector can measure both passage and presence of vehicles?
  • a) Magnetometer
  • b) Magnetic sensor
  • c) Magnetometer and Magnetic sensor
  • d) Speedometer
What is the principle upon which the magnetic detector is based on?
  • a) Doppler effect
  • b) Electromagnetic field
  • c) Moving metal disturbs earth’s magnetic field
  • d) Charles law
Magnetic detectors are placed over roadway.
  • a) True
  • b) False
What is the use of second wire loop on the Magnetometer?
  • a) To detect passage
  • b) To detect presence
  • c) To detect speed
  • d) To detect density
Aerial photography uses which basic platform?
  • a) A stationary elevated vantage point
  • b) Satellite
  • c) Skydiving
  • d) Hot air balloon
Which process captures individual vehicle traces through the photographed segment?
  • a) Aerial photography
  • b) Digitizing
  • c) Operating
  • d) Tracing
Which is the most desirable platform for aerial photography?
  • a) Elevated vantage point
  • b) Fixed wing aircraft
  • c) Helicopters
  • d) Satellite
Which is the most suitable study for information on trip purpose?
  • a) Traffic counting
  • b) Interview study
  • c) Parking counts
  • d) Tracking
In which of the following interview study traffic is disrupted?
  • a) Roadside interview
  • b) Comprehensive home interview
  • c) Destination-based interview
  • d) Parking survey
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