What does macroscopic stream models represent?
  • a) Change in behaviour of one parameter with respect to another
  • b) The flow density
  • c) The maximum passengers the vehicle can accommodate
  • d) The characteristics of vehicles with respect to pedestrians
What type of relationship did Greenfield assume in the speed and density relationship?
  • a) Elliptical
  • b) Linear
  • c) Exponential
  • d) Parabolic
Which of the following given options shows the correct relationship between speed and density according to Greenshield’s model?
  • a) v = vf + (vf/kj).k
  • b) v = vf – (vf/kj).k
  • c) v = vf / (vf/kj).k
  • d) v = vf * (vf/kj).k
What is the shape of the relationship between flow and density according to Greenshield’s Model?
  • a) Linear
  • b) Parabolic
  • c) Elliptical
  • d) Exponential
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