Which of the following is not considered in the standard voltage scale for power supply in India?
  • a) 11kV
  • b) 33kV
  • c) 66kV
  • d) 122kV
The maximum load that a power transformer can carry is limited because of its ___________
  • a) temperature rise
  • b) dielectric strength of oil
  • c) voltage ratio
  • d) copper loss
The voltage transformation ratio of a transformer is defined as ratio of _____________
  • a) primary turns to secondary turns
  • b) secondary current to primary current
  • c) secondary induced emf to primary induced emf
  • d) secondary terminal voltage to primary applied voltage
If a transformer is made to run on to a voltage which is more than the rated voltage _______________
  • a) its power factor will deteriorate
  • b) its power factor will increase
  • c) its power factor will remain unaffected
  • d) its power factor will be zero
Which of the following equation correctly represents the exact phasor diagram of transformer?
  • a) V1=E1+I1R1+jI1X1
  • b) V1=E1+I1R1+jI2X2
  • c) V2=E2+I1R1+jI1X1
  • d) V1=E1-I1R1+jI1X1
Approximate phasor diagram of a transformer is based on _____________
  • a) V1=E1+I1R1+jI1X1
  • b) V2=E2+I2R2+jI2X2
  • c) V1=V2+IR+jIX
  • d) V1=E1+I1R1+jI1X2
Hysteresis loss and eddy current loss is directly proportional to __________
  • a) f and f2
  • b) f2 and f
  • c) f and f
  • d) f2 and f2
What will happen to hysteresis loss if voltage is doubled, load is doubled and frequency is halved?
  • a) Will be twice
  • b) Will be halved
  • c) Will remain same
  • d) Will be four times
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