Depletion mode MESFET operates as
  • a) reverse biased
  • b) forward biased
  • c) both reverse and forward biased
  • d) none of the mentioned
Pinch-off voltage is equal to
  • a) built-in potential
  • b) applied voltage
  • c) sum of built-in potential and applied voltage
  • d) difference of built-in potential and applied voltage
Pinch-off voltage is a function of
  • a) channel depth
  • b) channel thickness
  • c) channel length
  • d) channel density
The threshold voltage is sensitive to
  • a) channel length
  • b) channel depth
  • c) doping density
  • d) doping of the channel layer
The dynamic switching energy must exceed the capacitive load.
  • a) true
  • b) false
To keep dynamic switching energy small
  • a) logic voltage swing must be large
  • b) logic current swing must be large
  • c) logic voltage swing must be small
  • d) logic current swing must be small
Standard deviation of threshold voltage should be ______ of logic voltage swing.
  • a) less than 5%
  • b) more than 5%
  • c) less than 10%
  • d) more than 10%
In D-MESFET, voltage swing is less than 1V.
  • a) true
  • b) false
Threshold voltage is ________ on implant depth.
  • a) proportionally dependent
  • b) inversely proportionally dependent
  • c) exponentially dependent
  • d) logarithmically dependent
The drain current is independent of
  • a) Vgs
  • b) Vds
  • c) Vt
  • d) Vs
Impurity concentration should be
  • a) greater than 20%
  • b) lesser than 20%
  • c) greater than 10%
  • d) lesser than 10%
Threshold voltage is independent of pinch-off voltage.
  • a) true
  • b) false
Pinch-off voltage is ______ to channel concentration density.
  • a) directly related
  • b) inversely related
  • c) exponentially related
  • d) is not related
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