Pumping stations are necessary where pressures have to be decreased.
  • a) True
  • b) False
The most expensive part is the energy supply for pumps.
  • a) True
  • b) False
To reduce the expenses, the pumps must have a high degree of ________
  • a) Flow rate
  • b) Efficiency
  • c) Power
  • d) Intake
What are the facilities including pumps and other equipment for pumping fluids from one place to another called?
  • a) Pumping facilities
  • b) Pumping stations
  • c) Pumping house
  • d) Pump and equipment facilities
What is a building where the pumps are located and operated called?
  • a) Pumping station
  • b) Pump house
  • c) Pumping facility
  • d) Pumping house
In duplex pump stations, the pumps shall be of __________
  • a) Same pressure
  • b) Same efficiency
  • c) Same capacity
  • d) Different capacity
The road way to the pumping station must be a _______
  • a) Hard surface
  • b) Muddy road
  • c) Hilly road
  • d) Smoother path
In a desalination plant in order to provide high pressure greater than the osmotic pressure which type of pump is selected?
  • a) Reciprocating Pump
  • b) Positive Displacement Pump
  • c) Booster Pump
  • d) Multistage Pump
Generally, what is the Material of Construction of the casing of the pumps which are used in a desalination plant?
  • a) Cast Iron
  • b) Bronze
  • c) Stainless Steel SS 304 GRADE
  • d) Stainless Steel SS 316 L Grade
Which type of pump is used when chemicals are to be dosed in water treatment plant?
  • a) Plunger Pump
  • b) Positive Displacement Pump
  • c) Vertical Turbine Pump
  • d) Jet Pump
Which is the part of the pump which prevents the flow of water from the volume to enter back to the impeller?
  • a) Shaft
  • b) Bearing
  • c) Mechanical seal
  • d) Wear rings
For a mechanical seal which is the normal leakage rate?
  • a) 30-50 drops of seal water/min
  • b) 40-60 drops of seal water/min
  • c) 20-40 drops of seal water/min
  • d) 20-60 drops of seal water/min
In order to reduce the operation and maintenance which of the following characteristics of a pump should be considered?
  • a) Efficiency of the pump
  • b) Flow rate
  • c) NPSH
  • d) Head
Which type of impeller is usually preferred when handling liquids with solids?
  • a) Closed impeller
  • b) Open impeller
  • c) Single suction impeller
  • d) Double suction impeller
Which type of pump is used when the effluent should be pumped back into the plant for use as service water?
  • a) Vortex Pump
  • b) Vertical Turbine Pump
  • c) Sump pump
  • d) Rotary pump
Which formula is used to calculate the head for centrifugal pumps?
  • a) H=P(PSIG)X144/Specific gravity
  • b) H=P(PSIG)X2.31/Specific gravity
  • c) H=P(ft)X144/Specific gravity
  • d) H=P(ft)X2.31/Specific gravity
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